Best Argentine Dogo Breeder Award

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      Gillian Foggle

Our Breeding experience started in 1985 with the Rottweiler, the task at that time was to develop a slightly larger more muscular dog than the German standard and still retain its amazing ability to be a trainable protection dog as well as show dogs in the American ring.

In 1991 the Dogo Argentino was brought to my attention. A Breeder from Argentina wanted to trade a Dogo puppy for one of my Rottweiler puppies. Upon seeing the Dogos in person I was very impressed.  Back then finding a Dogo in California was very rare and finding a complementary Stud extremely rare. I kept in my mind that this was a breed I wanted to work with but not at the time. With our last Rottweiler at 12 years of age, we felt it was time to embrace the Dogo.

Today our goal as it was 25 years ago, is to continue the development of this amazing breed. A car manufacturer is much like a dog breeder, both strive to make small improvements if possible upon an already good product or Dog. This metaphor applies also to the people who buy the car or dog. One person may want to keep his car in the garage without any chance of getting scratched or unwelcomed aging. This would be a show car or a show dog. Others just want a safe dependable car that looks good and is a good safe family car or family pet. Others want a car for work. This owner expects the car to handle as the manufacture claims it will, that is to accomplish its many required task, much like a working dog. If you drive your car drunk you may encounter negative results much like an untrained or disobedient Dogo. In most cases the manufacturer or Breeder has no control over what the owner intends to do with the car, or dog in this case.

Our goal as a Breeder is to produce healthy puppies that can rival all the expectations of the Dogo standards as set out by Dr. Antonio Nores Martinez and like minded breeders.