Prior to a breeding agreement, we'll require, a photocopy of your bitch's registration(s),  a legible three generation pedigree, photocopies of your bitch’s health clearances, BAER test results, recent photograph and video of the bitch.

For natural breeding, the bitch must be in good physical condition, free of fleas and ticks and have had a bath before she arrives. She must also have a stable temperament.

Mambo's fresh cooled semen can be shipped to any veterinarian that is set up for and can perform Artificial Insemination. 

  Our 3 studs, Mambo, Machete and Han, are available for stud services to approved females.

Domination Pure Mambo

Dob: March 09, 2014

117 lbs - 26" tall at the withers

Nephew of Morocho De La Cocha

Mambo is an excellent specimen of the Dogo Argentino breed. He has a massive head with an equally balanced body. He's very white, with minimal undercoat pigment.

He has an amazing personality, very social and friendly with people and other dogs, and at the same time very protective of his family and home.

Mambo's Pedigree